RG Contracting offers precision fertiliser spreading

The ability to spread fertilisers uniformly with any type of spreader depends on the physical properties of the material. Flow characteristics through a metering system are important for all types of spreaders.

Fertiliser is spread with KRM spreaders and tractors have auto-steer to improve accuracy.  KRM spreaders are also used for lime which we can supply too. 

RG Contracting offers precision fertiliser spreading services using AUTOSTEER to ensure improved uniformity of spreading, particularly at wide bout widths: less lodging risk and better utilisation leading to improved yields and quality, improved timeliness, labour utilisation and reduced crop losses due to the ability to operate with wide bout widths and improved fertiliser handling. All this means less break-up of material and less dust. 

Two Bunning spreaders are available as well as two Shelbourne Power Spreaders for all types of muck – from box dung to high level slats, chicken litter and digest waste.

If you are concerned about scheduling your spreading operation into an already tight work programme, talk to RG Contracting

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