Conventional ploughing, power harrowing and drilling

Statistics suggest that there has been something of a shift back to more conventional plough-and-cultivate crop establishment systems in recent years.

But whatever system you favour, RG Contracting has the equipment and experience to deliver a reliable and cost-effective service to farms throughout the Dumfries & Galloway and South Ayrshire areas.

We offer conventional ploughing, power harrowing and drilling services backed by a "can do" attitude that allows you to have total confidence that the job will be done professionally and on time.

As experienced farmers ourselves, we understand farming is never predictable, so flexibility is often required. Bad weather often highlights the inadequacies of a system which requires ploughed land to be worked down before a cultivator drill is used to plant the crops.

That's where the power harrow drill combination can ensure that the autumn workload is completed, irrespective of the weather and this combination can also be effectively used to plant spring crops.

The generous working widths of modern power harrow / drill combinations mean that outputs are on par with other cultivation systems - and they can often operate in conditions that keep other systems in the barn. 

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